Sterilization of homeless animals

The war filled the streets of Ukraine with animals that were left without a home, owners or shelter. Sterilization will help stop the uncontrolled reproduction of four-legged animals and prevent various diseases of animals, extending their lives.

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There are not enough good hands for everyone, that's why Happy Paw introduced the all-Ukrainian sterilization program for homeless animals.

The sterilization program is carried out on the basis of local clinics or mobile vet teams in cities and villages of Ukraine. Thanks to the support of donors, we are able to capture, sterilize and vaccinate homeless animals. In 2022 alone, Happy Paw sterilized 8,133 cats and dogs, which allowed not only to regulate the number of homeless animals, but also to significantly improve their welfare.

Since the beginning of 2023, Happy Paw has sterilized another 11,426 homeless furry friends.

Today we need your support. Sterilization of one animal costs $20. By successfully closing this collection, Happy Paw will be able to sterilize at least 500 animals in different parts of Ukraine, which will help to significantly affect the animal population already today.

Support our initiative with a donation, let's help animals together.

About Happy Paw

Happy Paw is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that has been improving the lives of furry animals in shelters throughout Ukraine for 12 years.

Since 2012, Happy Paw has been providing support, feeding, treating, caring for, sterilizing and helping to find a home and loving families for pets throughout Ukraine.

Our mission:

  • To find a home for every homeless animal.
  • To spread awareness and humane treatment of animals throughout Ukraine.
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