We are rebuilding a house for the Chabanenko family

Let’s help the elderly couple Chabanenko, who live in the Halytsynivska community of the Mykolaiv region, to restore and furnish their shell-damaged home.

$15 raised
About project

The elderly Chabanenko couple is one of the families from the de-occupied territories that lost their homes as a result of a direct hit by a Russian shell.

When the shelling began, the family miraculously managed to get out of the village. 10 minutes after they left their apartment, a Russian shell flew there. After great efforts, the family managed to restore their home. But for now, the Chabanenkos need our help in arranging their home before the cold weather sets in. BUR decided to support the family and carry out all necessary repairs to insulate the house. In particular, costs for windows and wall insulation are very important.

Currently, the Chabanenkos continue to work on rebuilding their home, but they desperately need our help. Let's come together and help the family make the necessary repairs to the building.

About BUR

How did it all begin?

July 2014. The war in eastern Ukraine has already begun. Three volunteers - Vitaliy Kokor, Yurko Didula and Andriy Levitskyi - are heading to the Donetsk region to help the local population. In just 1 month, they are planning their first BUR camp in Kramatorsk, during which a small group of enthusiasts managed to restore 25 dwellings.

This is how the project "Building Ukraine Together" (BUR) was born, which has been in existence for ten years, from a small initiative of three friends, turned into an influential public organization of a national scale.


Unite a responsible and active young community of Ukraine with the help of volunteer initiatives and informal educational programs.

Main areas of work:

  • Restoration and arrangement of buildings in the de-occupied territories;
  • Education and youth development;
  • Development of communities;

Ok BUR, I want to help! Where to start?

Start by visiting BUR camps. This is a construction camp in small towns and villages where together we:

  • we restore houses damaged by shelling;
  • we conduct interesting educational lectures;
  • get to know the local culture;
  • we find friends in all corners of our country;
  • together we create a bubble of an ideal society;
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