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About project

Baza currently employs four specialists: an administrator, an Internet marketer, a content writer and a system administrator to support existing projects.

The monthly salary budget is $3,200.

Our goal today is to launch 10-12 projects with the participation of 240-280 participants over the next 6 months to provide them with the first experience of IT robots and improve their chances of employment. Future IT students participate in team development and learn to use project management software.

Currently, participants are actively working on the following projects:

  • Application registration system for KARK Kyiv;
  • Website for the Kyiv Children's Art School named after M. Verikyvskyi;
  • Sokrat DP Georesource - remote demining of the country;
  • Play Pich is an art platform in Vinnytsia;
  • A city for citizens is an event platform;
  • 1000 and 1 song - platform of Ukrainian folklore;

Your help will attract more projects and help not to hundreds but to thousands of people.

About Baza Trainee Ukraine

Non-governmental organization "Baza Trainee Ukraine" emerged in April 2023 in response to the crisis in the employment market in Ukraine.

In the conditions of war and high unemployment, many Ukrainians are thinking about finding a job in a more stable and a progressive field, for example, in IT. Currently, there is a fairly high demand for digital services in Ukraine, which indicates that the need for workers in this field exists and will grow.

Our goal is a modern digital Ukraine , where everyone codes, from small to large. Our projects bring together people of different ages and genders from all corners of Ukraine, the USA and Europe. Participants intensively learn, improve their skills and make suggestions on how societal problems can be transformed into digital ones. solutions.

Baza trains participants according to their chosen specialization, technology or programming language. Together, we create web and mobile applications, sites and CRM systems.

During nine months of active almost 1,000 people joined the Baza Trainee activity. Baza currently has 280 members working on 38 projects. Baza includes projects of various complexity and social importance. For example: the 'Sokrat' initiative carries out remote demining throughout the territory of our country. 'ENGforUArmy' provides an opportunity for servicemen to learn military English for free, and '' is a fundraising platform that helps meet the needs of the Kyiv Clinical Military Hospital.

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About Baza Trainee and how they help beginners gain real-world experience.
In Ukraine, the first landing page with information about legislation in the field of animal protection was launched, which was created by Juniors from Baza Trainee Ukraine
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